Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{DIY} under $10 paper butterfly mobile.

paper butterfly mobile

the supplies.
center circle of embroidery hoop
{painted white or color of choice, or line exterior with ribbon}
4 to 6 lb fishing line
a stick pin
approx 50 {25 of each size} butterflies cut from cardstock
glass mini beads {i found mine at the local dollarama}

the how-to.

1. cut five equal strands of fishing line at a desired length with enough excess for tieing onto your hoop

2. to thread butterflies, first thread & tie a glass bead at the end of each strand . poke a small hole in the middle of your butterfly. thread the fishing line through the butterfly and slip it down to the glass bead. string another glass bead onto the fishing line to the top of the butterfly and loop the fishing line through the bead. this will secure each paper butterfly to the fishing line {and add a bit of extra weight}.

3. moving onto the next butterfly, string another bead about 2 to 2.5 inches from the bottom butterfly, hold securely to the fishing line and loop the fishing line through/or tie a knot around the bead. this will secure the bead to the line, and make a floating point for your next butterfly.

4. repeat steps 2 and 3 until you've filled your strands with butterflies.
my sequence was as follows: {2 small, 1 large, 1 small, 1 large, 1 small, 1 large, 1 small, 2 large}

5. tie your strands equal distances apart on the embroidery hoop.

6. to hang, i tied 3 strands of fishing line equally spaced on the hoop, adding a loop knot at the top for hanging.

the template.

butterfly template

customize your own.

use any shape - circles, stars or hearts!
use colored or patterned cardstock for more color punch!
line the outer edge of your hoop with ribbon!


Wendy said...

I love this project - so sweet. But I love all your projects :)

Did you use a punch for the butterflies or did you cut them out by hand?

PS Hope you and your belly are feeling great!

Wendy said...

Nevermind - I just found the template. :)

Sarah said...

Yes - used a template and cut by hand! But you could definitely use a punch of any shape/size! it'd definitely save a ton of time :)

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