Friday, July 02, 2010

{websites} Bugalug.

Bugalug Website

My most favorite client! Bugalug's been undergoing a massive overhaul of their marketing and online presence... and I'm honored that they've chosen me to work with them.

This site has been a long while in the making, a hefty combined effort for all of those involved, but the outcome is fabulous! This was my first Volusion site customization. A bit of a learning curve for me {I did have my doubts about the flexibility} but I love a challenge.

I also had a hand in photographing the product {bows, non-slips, and loops} which was a nice change of pace!

We're currently working on a few enhancements and kinks, but welcome you to browse and shoppe the fresh new Bugalug website!

visit Bugalug

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