Monday, July 05, 2010

{i love} reusable snack bags.

Snack Bags

i am loving these reusable snack bags from armommy's etsy shoppe! armommy designs stylish & functional products for moms who value style, quality & comfort.

we're constantly tossing dry cereals and other snacks into ziplocks or random containers into the diaper bag for our days out. most of the time, the snacks aren't fully consumed and the bags, damaged or containers, lost.

to cut down on waste of tossing/recycling the bag, i searched for some cute snack bags i could easily wipe clean or rinse... and delightfully found armommy's shoppe.

i ordered the set of three sizes in janie dot {super cute!}
for only $13 usd shipped to canada {a bargain!}

visit armommy's etsy shoppe

1 comment:

A R M O M M Y said...

thanks sarah! what a darling blog you have. i'm having fun seeing all the fun stuff you have. xo rae

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