Wednesday, July 07, 2010

{i decorate} art around our home.

Etsy Art

etsy is a fab resource for art, whether it's printable, digital, or photography, it's my go-to to collect some adorable, unique pieces for our home.

i've been busy 'collecting' the last few months - i can barely wait to hang these beautiful prints along with others i've designed & freebies i've printed!

i thought i'd share a few of the prints we've purchased {or downloaded} so far!

1. pinwheel girl print on wood by petitcollage
2. beautiful day by studio mela
3. love candy by madebygirl
4. keep calm & carry on by cutpasteprint
5. you dropped from heaven by studio mela
6. life is like riding a bicycle by vol25
7. reading is cool by studio mela
8. i will be grateful for this day by vol25
9. we're all in this together by sunny fiona designs

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