Monday, June 21, 2010

{i craft} lounge pants.

Lounge Pants Prudent Baby

another fabulous tutorial from prudent baby.
i truly adore this site!

i crafted this pair of lounge pants for my nearly 3 year old daughter late last night. the project only took me an hour in total - which, for me, i thought was quite quick!

things i learned.
make a pattern. i used a pair of her flannel jammie pants, tracing my pattern a little wider and a little longer, after judging how the flannels fit. worked very well.

keep a pattern. trace your pattern on freezer paper {or like} so you can hang on to it.
once you make one pair, you're going to want to make more!

add some extra cute. i used what i had on-hand for the faux drawstring.
next time i'll either use something less chunky or maybe some sort of cute ribbon.

i'm appreciated. my daughter enjoys wearing things i make for her.
she calls them her "special" pants.

i'm addicted. i think i'll use this same tutorial to make some for baby on the way...
maybe with a ruffle on the bottom cuffs!

{fabric collection: Monaco by Dena}


Jacinda said...

They are adorable!! And what a sweet girl!

Wendy said...

So sweet - where did you find the fabric? Oh and maybe I missed it but do you have a tutorial for the banner sign you made for Father's Day. I saw it on your fam blog today and love it! I'd like to make one for Natalie's birthday party :)

Unknown said...

i purchase much of my fabric on etsy, fat quarter shoppe or pink panda fabrics...

if you scroll below there's another post in where to find the father's day garland.

i'll whip a happy birthday printable banner up this week especially for miss natalie!

any specific colors you'd like to see?

Wendy said...

You are too sweet - thank you. We're doing an Elmo theme so lots of red and orange :). She's an Elmo fanatic. Thanks again!

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