Wednesday, June 09, 2010

glow baby journals.

Glow Baby Journals

i just received my glow baby journals in the mail {thanks lindsay!} they're beautiful, well-designed journals essential for keeping track of baby's needs and developing a daily routine.

i already know i'm going to have my hands full with a brand new baby and toddler - i'm keen on any helpful tools to help me manage... i can't wait to put them to use!

Baby’s First Journal is a comprehensive log book enabling parents to track the eating, sleeping and diapering schedules of their newborn. It's easy to use and portable! Glow Baby’s Baby’s First Journal has also recently been awarded the seal of approval from Parent Tested Parent Approved!

Baby’s First Foods enables parents to monitor the introduction of solids and their baby’s reaction to new foods. This tool is a convenient way to ensure all caregivers are aware of allergens and food preferences and assists with menu planning!

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