Wednesday, June 09, 2010

{DIY} grow bubble onesies.

Grow Bubbles

i love the idea of creating a photo collage & record of baby as she grows each month. i've seen some super fun ideas on several blogs, especially over at making it lovely - she photographs her little darling on the same chair, in a pink dress, with a numbered pin... so sweet.

i've designed a quick, easy and colorful way to capture your little one's growth using my grow bubbles! each month simply stick a grow bubble sticker to your babe's onesie or tee, and snap a photo.

i've designed a set of grow bubbles from months 1 through 12 for girls and boys.
each bubble measures 3 inches in diameter.

the supplies.
onesie or tee {solid colors work best}
avery sticker project paper {either white or transparent will work}
your little one

the how-to.
1. Download and print grow bubbles on your avery sticker paper.
2. Carefully cut out your bubble.
3. Center your sticker on your onesie or tee. {you can softly mark with a pencil if you wish}
4. Remove paper backing and apply.
5. Dress your little one and snap a photo!
6. Remove sticker, reuse onesie or tee!

the ideas.
1. Take the photo in the same place each month. A cute chair, on the same blanket, etc.
2. Use fun and fresh backdrops beneath and behind baby. Ones that are modern, quirky and colorful. Change it up each month!
3. Use your photos to create a fun collage for your little one's first birthday party invite!

the grow bubble downloads.
girls bubbles part 1
girls bubbles part 2
boys bubbles part 1
boys bubbles part 2

do you record your little one's growth in a fun way? share it here!


Morgan said...

I LOOOOVE this! If only H wasn't already 6 months old! I guess I could start now!

SeƱorita Carolina said...

Thanks so much! I will be doing this for #2 one day =)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thanks so much for these - such a great idea! My baby just turned six months and I've photographed him on each "montheversary" with a white baby-gro and one of the bubbles stuck to the front (along with the same toy rabbit each time, so we can see how much he's grown)...

Once I've done the whole year, I'm planning on putting them all into one book, which will be a great keepsake for us as well as his doting grandparents!

So many thanks indeed for sharing these, they've helped make some brilliant memories for our family.

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