Thursday, May 06, 2010

art wall window.

Art Wall Window

Here's a great way to display your children's art in your home. This was one of our favorite additions to our daughter's playroom downstairs in our last home - an art wall window.

We used two decorative shutters {pottery barn}, and four adorable magnet boards {see jane work} hung atop a painted square. All combined, it resembles a little window. We loved to hang her coloring and crafting creations on the wall.

To get a perfectly clean edge, we painted the masked area's taped edge with the same latte wall color. It sealed the tape. Then, we painted the secondary color and after removing the tape, the edge couldn't have been more crisp!

additional ideas.
  • a mural could be painted beneath the magnet boards
  • the window's edge could be detailed with moulding, etc.
  • use peg boards, chalkboard paint, corkboard or whiteboards for your window panes

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